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Raised flooring has a unique place in a data centre. As the data centre is populated with server and networking racks and other IT equipments, the resulting large quantity of connecting cables pose a major challenge, when it comes to the interior aesthetics of the data centre.

The advantages offered by the raised floor as an IT environment infrastructure component has resulted in it becoming very common. The relatively low cost compared to the total IT investment is also a factor for its popularity. Raised floor provides a seamless and methodical environment for a data centre.

The major advantage of CCAS’s down flow systems is its capability of delivering cooling to the rack directly with a modular and more effective air distribution.

Secondly, its ability to run all power and data cabling under the raised flooring in a neat and methodical manner gives the network operator a fairly easy access to their passive cabling and power sources.

In addition to the normal tiles, a number of perforated tiles are proposed in combination with the CCAC flow solution. A tile puller is also provided as part of the supply scope for easy removal and installation during daily use.

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